GIR has been manufacturing fuel management systems for more than 35 years and offers a comprehensive web-based fuel management solution with terminals that are compatible with any commercial fuel dispensers. GIR is perfectly suited for all locations, even in extreme weather and for any application that needs to be controlled.


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Main Features

– Cloud-native device for SaaS deployment; Also on-premises capable
– Real-time communication over cellular, Ethernet, or Wi-Fi;with offline capability
– High memory capacity: up to 50k vehicles, 50k drivers, and 2500 transactions offline
– 1 to 16 hoses with simultaneous fueling
– Identification of driver and/or vehicle: code,RFID fob or card, magstripe cards, existing RFID cards, smartphone, etc.
– Compatible with both GIR W150 and GIR W250 software apps

Enhanced features
– Built-in setup and test mode for easy on-site troubleshooting
– Satellite terminals for a cost-effective multiple fuel islands setup
– Tank gauging interface (optional)
– Receipt ticket printer (optional)
– Gate access control (optional)

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